User manual

Translated by Peter, OM3WUC

Copy and distribution in whole or in part of the CallBook database, in any form, without the prior written permission from the persons concerned is prohibited!

The callbook is based on MySQL database and it is available in 3 versions:
- slovak online version, visible as webpage (with full support of national characters)
- english online version, visible as webpage (only ASCII, no national characters)
- slovak online mobile version, for cell phones (smartphones or tablets) with internet connection (
   (The mobile version will appear on a mobile device only. Otherwise, you will see the desktop version.)

Online versions are handy for a quick viewing, sorting, direct access to webpage of a callsign. The list is standard webpage and should be displayed properly in all common web browsers.

The online versions are displayed after clicking on one of the large pictures (top of the page, under buttons). Depending on your connection speed, it takes some time, because all the database is processed. During the database processing you can see red title "Wait for loading...". When the red title dissapears, the database is stored in RAM memory of your PC and you can start using the Callbook.

For page scrolling use standard buttons of your browser. The mouse wheel can be used also.
Click on the magnifier icon left of the callsign - new fullscreen window with callsign details is opened, showing all the details about the registered ham.
=    unregistered callsign           =    registered callsign           =    silent key
Click on any callsign - new fullscreen window with webpage is opened and all the informations about the ham are shown (if the ham has an informations stored there).

The list can be sorted in six columns. For example, if you wish sort the list by family name, click on the radio button near "Family" title and after that click on button "Sort". The list will be sorted by family name and the head of the family column will be underlined.

Sorting algorithms:
Callsign - sort alphabetically by callsign (0 - 9, A - Z), regardless of registration = default sort
Family - sort alphabetically by family name, next by name, regardless of registration
City - sort alphabetically by city, next by callsign, only registered
District - sort alphabetically by district, next by callsign, only registered
Class - sort by class (clubs, E, N, SWL), next by callsign, regardless of registration
Registered - sort up by registration and callsign, only registered